Creative Supply x Lift x HEAD collaboration workshop

23 January 2018

Creative Supply is excited to partner up with Lift and HEAD to bring an exclusive personal branding workshop The Creative Self to Geneva.

Lift is a key partner for organizations and individuals wishing to identify the current challenges and creative solutions presented by emerging technologies. As a contributing member of Lift community, Youri Sawerschel has previously participated at the Lift:Lab 2017 as a branding expert. He is also sharing his insights into branding in Lift’s CAS program with HEAD School of Art and Design.

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On February 3rd , The Creative Self will come to HEAD in Geneva. It is Creative Supply’s unique workshop that helps the participants understand and establish their personal brand. We don’t believe in “selling yourself”. Instead, a personal brand should help you attract the opportunities that correspond to your profile and interests. During this interactive ½ day workshop, you would learn what a personal brand is, how to build yours, and how to communicate it.

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