“Passions” – Tuesday Talk At The Creative Space In Zurich

by Alisa Voitika , 14 March 2017

Behind every successful person, there is a whole lot of passion. Passion is what moves us forward. Passionate teams drive business. Passionate business drives customers. Having a clear sense of what we value, either as an individual or an organization, is what it takes to keep the momentum. In February, we invited two guest speakers to tell us what passion means to them and how it is fundamental to what they do.


Mark Müller, cofounder of Smith and de Luma restaurant, told his story of growing up in a 5-star hotel, and how this experience made him acutely aware of the “personal connection” as that something that lies at the centre of excellent service. It is about people, connecting with their needs, their emotions. Mark says: “The difference between one excellent croissant and another excellent croissant is passion, the passion with which you serve it.” Passion is something you cannot teach, either you have it or you don’t, but it is what will get you a job at his restaurant.

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Marketing at Zurich Insurance, persuaded us that even insurance is something you can be passionate about! After all, what is insurance for other than to protect that which you love. Monica says that, in designing marketing campaigns, “you need to connect with people’s hearts, not their heads – this is what builds emotional connection to your customers, and ultimately builds their trust in you and your product.” Her message is clear and simple: “When you’re passionate about something, when you truly love it, you want to protect it in the best way possible”.


Our next talk will take on the subject of “Resilience”, something we increasingly talk about as the prerequisite to surviving in an age of continuous change, disruptive innovation and ongoing need to update our own skills and competencies. Curious? If so then join us on Tuesday 21 March, at 6 pm at Architekturforum Zurich, Brauerstrasse 16, Zürich 8004. Register here.

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