My Jet

Digitizing the private jet audit business

Disrupting the industry

In 2014, Christopher Marich and Kirill Kim, two serial entrepreneurs active in the aviation industry had a vision to disrupt private jet ownership. The idea: To digitize the entire jet controlling and auditing process. Instead of having delayed and opaque data coming from multiple sources, the idea was to offer jet owners transparent and instant information about their planes.

Aviation, tech & finance

The result was MyJet. A software that centralises all the things that matter to a jet owner from flight schedules to operating- and maintenance costs. After months of developing the software, Christopher and Kirill knew they had to package MyJet in a very attractive manner to catch the attention of jet owners and industry partners.


A pristine visual identity

The key challenge was to craft a verbal and visual identity that would demonstrate seriousness, approachability and attractiveness all at the same time. We decided to develop a very clean look in white, to give MyJet a transparent and “clinical” appearance. For a more lively touch, we developed a unique colour palette inspired by the incredible range of colours in the sky.

The logotype was influenced by the concept of the dashboard, which is meaningful to both aviation and measurement. To add a twist, we used a jet winglet instead of the dashboard dial together with an elegant gradient, inducing some movement into the dashboard gauge.

The tone of voice needed to be astute and playful to break from the austere sounding jet auditing players. We created several wordplays highlighting the benefits of MyJet that could be used verbally or in communication materials.

The brand identity Creative Supply crafted for My Jet was key to grow our business.

Christopher MarichChief Commercial Officer

Creating the brand experience

While most of the back-end software was already developed, all customer facing touch points needed to be designed to reflect the visual identity. We started with the hardest part, the user interface (UI) of the program itself. Working closely with the MyJet team to ensure the UI was enhancing the software capacity, we created all the icons, buttons and graphical elements for the app and the mobile version. We then designed a set of products to promote MyJet, ranging from a mobile responsive website to a brochure and an engraved ipad cover.

The take off

Already during the soft-launch period, MyJet acquired several clients, proving the potential of its concept. Creative Supply continues to collaborate with MyJet as a lead partner for its marketing and digital strategy.