“RESTART Your Life, Career, and Business” – Tuesday Talk At The Creative Space In Zurich

by Alisa Voitika , 16 January 2017

The Creative Space was buzzing in December, as we continued with our Tuesday Talks series.

The subject of “restarting” could not be a more powerful one, and got us all to think about the personal and career journeys we have taken so far, and those that are yet ahead of us. Whilst our big goals might not change that much, there are times when we need to “restart” in order to “realign” what we do with what we want to achieve. Our three guest speakers gave us some tips on just how to get there!

Suzie Doscher, Personal and Executive Coach, gave a clear message on breaking down big missions into small steps. Change, after all, can be daunting, and hard to start unless we start small: “don’t try to change everything at once, take it step by step.”

Lisa Piguet, Executive and Career Coach, pointed out that career paths are no longer linear, and we will all have to manage a number of careers in our lives, but there is one constant, and that is our network: “nurture your network, your contacts, as they will help you to move from one job to another.”

Ida Banek, Founder of Grit-International, Career and HR Solutions start-up, concluded with a powerful account of her own journey from corporate career to being an entrepreneur. Her message was: “in your work and life, focus on what you feel passionate and care about, take the risk, work at it, and the rest will follow!”

As usual, the talk sparked some lively conversations that continued well into evening.

January’s “Future of Workplace” talk will invite our audience to think forward and imagine what our work environment might look like in the years to come. Curious? If so then join us on 24 January, at 6 pm at the Creative Space. Register here.

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