Work in progress: SIG

15 May 2017

We offer you to take a look at the exciting ongoing projects that Creative Supply’s team is currently working on. This month, discover the work we are doing for SIG, the energy utility company of the Canton of Geneva.


Paving the way for 2025

SIG is an big organisation made of nearly 1700 employees. As part of Switzerland’s energy transition, SIG is committed to creating a connected and sustainable society. In this context, SIG identified four brand values that are inseparables from what SIG stands for and believes in: sustainability, excellence, proximity and boldness.


Getting the workforce engaged

The challenge? Ensure that the entire SIG workforce is not only aware of these brand values, but also understands how they impact the day-to-day job. SIG mandated Creative Supply to help them develop a creative brand engagement workshop. Nathalie Pezio Chave, Resp. Comm. Interne et Institutionnelle at SIG, says that “Developing this brand engagement training program is a great opportunity for us to put SIG brand values in practice and create something really innovative” .

SIG header

Beyond workshops

For this project we knew we had to go beyond traditional brand engagement training. Rather than a workshop we are now creating an immersive experience that relies on gamification to engage employees with the brand values. Youri Sawerschel, Founder of Creative Supply, shares that “this is an incredible chance for us to work on a project of this size in which our creativity can be totally unleashed”.

Full details of the project are still confidential at this stage but one thing is sure: It is going to be an amazingly fun experience for SIG employees. Next step? Prototype the concept with scaled version of the game. Launch is expected in September 2017. Follow Creative Supply on Facebook and LinkedIn to get updates on this out-of-the-box project.

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There will be more...

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