Making you stand out

Is your company sending the right messages to the market? Is your corporate identity up to date? Do your employees know about your company’s values? We will work with you on all aspects of branding: from strategy to employee engagement program. See below how we can help you grow your brand.


Brand Strategy

People are attracted to brands with values, brands with great stories and brands that have something to say. Organisations that get that right are able to command a price premium and speed up their growth. Our agency provides four core strategy services.


Brand Design

Brand design goes well beyond logo creation. A holistic brand design defines all the touchpoints (physical and digital) of a brand, from letterhead to merchandising and staff interactions. Everything we create takes into account the aesthetic, emotional and functional aspects of design.


Brand Engagement

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. Positioning statements, brand stories and stunning designs are worthless if they are not put into practice. You need your employees, your customers, media and partners to believe in your brand and get engaged with it.

Special capabilities

Are you a hotelier looking for a hotel brand concept? Or a university in need of a new positioning? Over the years, we have developed special capabilities in various sectors.

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Education Branding

Our method is taught at leading Swiss universities such as Geneva School of Business and Geneva Art and Design School.

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Brand Story Canvas

We use our proprietary Brand Story CanvasTM to craft the unique brand story of your organization.

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Destination Branding

We use a collaborative card sorting method to develop your ideal brand architecture.

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Hotel Concept Development

We help hotels stand out by becoming unique lifestyle destinations.

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Brand Prototyping

Our approach favours rapid prototyping and interactions.

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Brand Storytelling Workshop

Our energizing and interactive workshops are suitable for small and large organisations alike.

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Employer Branding

Crafting a strong employer value proposition (EVP) brings together and energizes your workforce.

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Personal Branding Workshop

A personal brand is an intangible asset that makes you stand out whether your purpose is to attract investors or business partners, or convince clients.